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Too many leaders fall short of their full potential

Leaders today find themselves overwhelmed with the complexities of compliance issues, dysfunctional team dynamics, and relational turmoil. Many even end up disqualifying themselves from the vision God originally put in their heart.

This does not have to be your story.

We believe the world needs good leaders to effectively walk in their calling.

Business strategy and team building mentorship

Focus on What Matters Most

Have your professional compliance and foundational support taken care of

Restore a Healthy Work Life Balance

Transform your relationships, marriage, and family life

Multiply Your Leadership Influence

Learn how to build dynamic, healthy, innovative teams

Build an Enduring Legacy

Be fully released to move into the next level of your calling

“I experience more hope and meaning for myself, other people and the enterprises I am involved in.”

Lans Bovenberg, Professor at Tilburg University
Founder of Netspar


Your Pathway to Sustainable Growth

1. Apply for Membership

We want to get to know you and make sure K2 is right for you

2. Receive a customized Strategic Growth Plan

We help you take the practical next steps towards your destiny

3. Walk in Personal Health and Strategic Execution

Enjoy a multiplication of fruit in your expanding vision

How are we different?

When it comes to walking in their calling, too many leaders get overwhelmed with the amount of business, legal, and compliance issues they face, and it ends up holding them back. K2 helps apostolic leaders build sustainable foundations so they can be free to focus on making their dream a reality.

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At K2, we understand that you want to be a healthy, effective leader who is walking in the destiny God has put in your heart. In order to do that successfully, you need to free yourself from the headaches and heavy upfront costs of the compliance, legal, and non-profit details involved so you can focus on thriving in what you are gifted to do. The problem is that you don’t have a trusted, professional team to help you, which makes you feel overwhelmed and sometimes, maybe even wanting to give up. It doesn’t have to be that way.

We believe the world needs good leaders with effective support so they can dynamically walk in their calling.

We understand what it’s like to build a ministry or organization from the ground up, as well as grow teams, deal with dysfunctional staff members, and navigate through the balance of marriage, work, ministry, and personal health issues. Our team here at K2 has been helping apostolic ministry and business leaders for over 20 years, and we know first hand the challenges you are facing every day in the trenches.

Here’s what makes us different and effective: we believe in supporting leaders in a balanced and complete way, mentoring them in business strategy, foundational organizational services, and in relationship/emotional health. This approach is what will allow leaders to leave a legacy through sustainable growth.

Here is what that looks like as a member of K2:

• Business Strategy: You will have access to personalized mentorship to walk you through the various leadership and management issues you need to grow in.

• Foundational Services: Our ECFA-certified professionals take care of your compliance, legal, and business issues so you can create a solid foundation your organization can grow on for years to come.

• Relationship & Emotional Health Resources: This is the area the majority of leaders miss. As a part of K2, you will have access to online courses, training opportunities, and one-on-one coaching that will equip you with the spiritual and emotional tools that will strengthen your marriage, family, and work relationships.

The K2 Application Process:

1) Apply for Membership: We are looking to begin a long-term relationship with our members. So the first phase of our application process is designed to give us the time to understand some of your vision, history, and needs—enough for us to ensure K2 will be able to help you walk in success.

2) Receive a Customized Strategic Growth Plan: Our team will develop a comprehensive blueprint for us to follow together so you can take your vision to the next level.

3) Walk in Personal Health and Strategic Execution: Enjoy the fruit of healthy, dynamic teams and organizational infrastructure as your impact increases in the world around you.

Take your first steps today to ending the frustration and feeling of helplessness you struggle with when you are not living your dream.

Now is the time to walk in everything God has put in your heart to accomplish.

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ECFA Certification

We are ECFA certified and encourage all of our members to become certified as well.
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