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“My company has experienced amazing relational growth and work is fun and fulfilling.”

Patrick Low, Vineyard Investment Realty, LLC

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“Beth’s teaching helped me fix my relationship with my oldest son. That brought healing into my relationship with my wife and further healing to the rest of my family. Total reverse from bad to very, very good. A miracle!”

Johannes Baratta

Executive Board Member of
the third largest bank in Germany

Experience healing from dysfunctional relationships, strained business partnerships, and broken marriages


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Relational Life Coach, Speaker, Teacher

Beth Barone

Beth Barone is an international speaker, author, and relationship coach with years of experience working with leaders, ministry teams, and businesses and organizations.

Having discovered many of the principles she teaches through walking herself out of a dark season of mental and emotional distress, Beth has worked with teams, families, and marriages to bring unity and healing that has changed lives all across the globe.

Beth Barone’s Online Video Series

This series of video lessons and interactive workbooks are designed so that you can receive the maximum transformation possible. Each course adds a layer of principles and spiritual concepts that build off of each other as you progress through the learning track.

1) Pure Love

Transformation begins here. PURE LOVE lays the foundation for all the courses by addressing our deepest, core issues: our motivations, the powerful influence our relationships have on our behavior, and our identity. This 12 lesson video course will give you a fresh perspective on the Kingdom of God and connect your heart with the Lord and with others in a completely new and dynamic way.

12 Online Lessons
With Beth Barone

2) Path To Freedom

Imagine discovering a few simple, but powerful principles, that could unlock the kind of emotional and spiritual freedom you have been desiring for years? Building on the foundation of PURE LOVE, this video series imparts practical tools for those who are courageous enough to take their emotional health to the next level.

14 Online Lessons
With Beth Barone

3) Basic C.O.R.E. Values

Without a deep understanding of WHY we do what we do, we cannot build healthy relationships with God and those closest to us in our lives. Building on the foundations of PURE LOVE and PATH TO FREEDOM, get ready to receive a truly life-changing blueprint that will open your eyes to better understand what motivates you and others, especially those that are so different from you! This series will transform your relationships in your family, at work, and in ministry forever.

5 Online Lessons
With Beth Barone

4) The Master Plan

For those who are looking for the comprehensive theological overview of Beth’s video teaching series, get ready to dive deep into an expansive understanding of how God relates to our souls and how we are created to reflect His life force. This 20-part series includes a workbook for each participant, as well as the opportunity to purchase Beth’s eBook, “The Master Plan.”

Although you can go through the video courses without the eBook, for those who are looking for the deepest transformation and revelation, we recommend you read it first, then dive into the online course and workbook journey.

20 Online Lessons
With Beth Barone

By Beth Barone

The Master Plan

Theology and the Design of the Human Soul

The human soul has been designed in an amazing way by an amazing God. The Master Plan is a systematic overview of the Biblical principles about who God really is and what He desires for us, His beloved creation. We can walk out of darkness when we let the Bible’s light shine on our own souls and help us understand the God whom we are created to reflect…

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